Patient Testimonials

Sharon Methany

I was lifting a gallon of water last February when I had what I felt was a tear in my right shoulder. It hurt, but I put off seeing a doctor until later when I was referred to Dr. Christopher Uggen who said I had a rotator cuff tear and arthritis. Dr. Uggen said surgery was an option.

I did need surgery later and he did what he called a reverse shoulder replacement surgery and it felt much better much more quickly. He was wonderful. He made me feel like I was his only patient and he explained everything very thoroughly. I’m not medically educated so my daughter Shannon would come with me and he would explain things to her, too.

I was very pleased with the care I received at Borgess. Everyone was wonderful, they really were. Everyone checked on me after the surgery and they were all great about informing my family about how I was doing.

I’m excited to be able to ride my bike, walk and garden again this year with my daughters. When I tell friends about the reverse shoulder surgery I tease them about having to do everything in reverse. I’m just kidding, of course.

Sharon Metheny

I found Dr. Uggen to be forthright and easy to talk to. He explained everything so that I was comfortable with what was happening with my situation. I was having my entire shoulder replaced after an accident, and everything went exactly as he said if would, all the way thru to recovery. I could not have been more pleased with the results. After I recuperated, I trusted him enough to undergo rotator cuff surgery on my other shoulder, something I had dreaded for years. It was a walk in the park compared to the first surgery and I wish I had taken care of it years ago. Again, the same great care throughout the entire process from beginning to end.

Jennifer B

Dr. Uggen is a wonderful Doctor.....if he does as well on my knees as he did on my shoulder I will be very happy!

I had a lot of shoulder problems after I dislocated it. There was multiple tears in my rotator cuff, bone damage including a dent in the ball of the joint, and the ligaments were no longer attached. Dr. Uggen fixed me up and I was able to not only move it freely without it dislocating frequently like it had been doing, but I was even was able to throw a ball eventually which was my goal. Sadly I dislocated it again in a bad accident and I'm going back to Dr. Uugen because he did such a great job the first time.

Dr.Uggen is one of the best doctors that my wife has seen. I would give him very high marks on his bed side manner and his ability to take time to explain to the patient and the family what he is doing and to answer any questions either might have.He's very highly recommended in my book.

Great bedside manner! Excellent surgeon! Very helpful.